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America rama dan siamtute chuan na zawka Russia hrekna tur bill an pass leh ta a, US President Donald Trump sign turin a dawhkanah an chhawpchhuak leh ta.


He Russia, Iran leh North Korea na zawka hrekna tur bill hi thlawhlehni khan The House of Representatives chuan 419-3 in an lo phar tlu tawh a, nimin khan Senate chuan 82-2 in an pass ve leh ta a ni.

America ram rorelna in 2-in an pass tawh  he bill hi US President Donald Trump-a’n a hming a ziah hnan chuan dan, law a lo ni tawh ang a, kenkawh nghal tur a ni dawn ta tihna a ni.

Kum 2014-a Russia-in Ukriane ram bung khat Crimea ram a ramah a seng luh vanga he hrekna dan thar tur hi duan a ni a, Donald Trump  hian Russia hrekna hi a lo hlip mai ang tih  hlauhna a lian hle a, rorelna ĩn pahnih  hian Donald Trump kut hi Russia lakah an phuar belh a ni ber a, Donald Trump hian he bill hi a pawmpui dawn nge, a hnawl (veto) dawn tih hriat a la ni lo a ni. A hnawl a nih vaih chuan rinhlelhna a zual hle dawn a ni.

America ram hmelma lian ber leh hlun ber mai chu Russia hi a ni a, Donald Trump hian Russian President Vladimir Putin  hi a ngaisangin a fak thin a, nikum inthlan lai vel khan Donald Trump tlin theih nan Russia a inrawlh a ni tih thuthang te a lo awm bawk vei nen, America ram dan siamtute an thla a bar a, chuvangin Donald Trump hian Russian hrekna awmna hi a sut mai palh an hlau hliah hliah a, a aia na zawka hrekna dan tur an duang a, an pass a, Donald Trump pawmpui turin a dawhkanah an chhawpchhuak ta a ni.

US congress-in he Russia hrekna tur bill a pass leh tak avangin European Union an thin a rim hle a, Russia Energy Pipelines nen inbiakremna an neih tawh chu a tlawlh phah vek dawn niin an hria a, EU rawn hmasa lova he bill an pass ta mai hi an dem thu an sawi a.

Russia pawh a sa  hle a, US nen inlaichinna ţhat tawh loh tawh nak alaia , inlaichinna tha lo thawmţhat tum a hneka hetiang a aia na zawk hrekna tur bill an pass ta mai chu an ngaithiam lo hle a, la zawh ngai loh kawng thim tak kan zawh a ngai dawn ta niin a lang a ni, a ti.


The United States Senate has voted 98-2 to impose new sanctions on Russia, Iran and North Korea, despite objections from the White House.

  • The bill includes new sanctions on Russia, Iran and North Korea
  • The legislation passed the House on Tuesday 419-3.

(CNN)The Senate on Thursday passed sweeping legislation slapping new sanctions on Russia and rebuking President Donald Trump in a bill that now will head to the President’s desk.

The bill, which gives Congress new powers to block Trump from easing sanctions against Moscow, passed the Senate 98-2. It passed the House on Tuesday 419-3.

The House of Representatives approved the bill earlier this week, also by an overwhelming majority.

Having passed through both chambers, it will be sent to President Trump to sign into law.

But Mr Trump has sought closer ties with Russia, and has the power to veto the bill despite its political support.

A presidential veto can, in turn, be overridden by a two-thirds vote in the House and Senate – where just a handful of politicians voted against the bill.

The sanctions were drawn up in part to punish Russia further over the annexation of Crimea from Ukraine in 2014.

But the debate over the new measures has taken place against the backdrop of an ongoing investigation into alleged Russian meddling the in the 2016 presidential election.

Mr Trump has repeatedly denied the existence of any Russian involvement in the election to help his campaign.

But political correspondents say an attempt to veto the new sanctions could fuel suspicion that he is too supportive of the Kremlin.


The White House is also said to be particularly concerned over a provision in the new bill which would limit President Trump’s ability to lift the sanctions.

Under the legislation, he would be forced to consult Congress first.

Speaking earlier this week after the House passed the bill, top-ranking Republican Paul Ryan said it “tightens the screws on our most dangerous adversaries in order to keep Americans safe”.

But the bill was criticised by some European countries which deal with Russian energy pipelines – which may fall foul of the new sanctions.

It remains to be seen if the president will attempt to veto the bill.

New White House Communications director Anthony Scaramucci told CNN: “He may sign the sanctions exactly the way they are or he may veto the sanctions and negotiate an even tougher deal against the Russians.”

Earlier this week, the White House simply said it was reviewing the bill, “and awaits a final legislative package for the president’s desk”.


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